Interview with Liam Feeney

Interview with Liam Feeney

Interview with Liam Feeney 600 416 admin

Celebrating 35 years in business

Any business that is still going strong and growing after 35 years is definitely doing something right. Feeney Electrical has weathered recessions, political turmoil and industry change and they have still managed to keep their head above water, in fact they are thriving.  To achieve that longevity in any business requires the head honcho (Liam Feeney) to have a good strategy but most of all be a great leader.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” — Albert Schweitzer

Liam Feeney

  • I’ve lived and worked all my life throughout Faughanvale and Eglinton. I attended a local primary school which my children and now my grandchildren attend. I also had the privilege of chairing the board of governors in the school and was a member of the entertainment committee at our local sports facility. We have benefitted from the support of local businesses and we too try to support them in their day to day needs as well as coming together when fundraising for events in the local community.

  • My first job was as an apprentice electrician straight out of school

  • A small builder, wiring an extension to an existing bungalow. A kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

  • I enjoy getting away to the sunshine. I’ve always liked Portugal

  • The satisfaction from seeing a job through to completion and delivering on our promises.

  • I play the guitar and enjoy watching football.

  • We are lucky enough to say we have a few contractors and retail businesses that have used us since our inception.

  • It was a  red Peugeot 305 Van, pretty good at the time.

  • When my son came in to the business to help with new ideas, enthusiasm, vigour and his forward thinking.

  • Technology!

  • Determination

  • Accept the lows along with the highs in business. Every career is a journey and you’ll encounter trials and tribulations along the way. Persevere.

Thanks for your time Liam, we all wish you another 35 successful years in business. Why not meet the rest of the team.